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Orlando Haunts: Ghouls and Ghosts Tour

Take a terrifying trek through the murky swamps of Orlando’s ghostly world and uncover the city’s murderous, haunted history. Are you ready to see what lurks in the City Beautiful when the sun goes down?

Join Orlando Haunts to explore the seedier side of one of America’s most cheery cities and experience strange happenings at the most haunted locations. Book your Orlando ghost tour tonight to take a peek into the other side of Florida’s legacy.

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Book Your Orlando Ghost Tour Tonight!

Orlando Haunts: Ghouls and Ghosts Tour

This haunted Orlando walking ghost tour is full of real-life encounters and factual history that bring the spooky world of Florida’s most haunted to life. Learn the tragic and macabre tales that built the city’s foundation while experiencing its most legendary hauntings. Want to see even more haunted hotspots of Orlando? Book an extended bonus tour and get the full ghostly experience.

Meeting Location: On the corner of Magnolia & Central across the street from the Public Library and in front of The History Center

Starting Time: Ghost tours are held nightly at 8 PM, rain or shine!

Pet Policy: Pets are not permitted on Ghost Tours

Alcohol Policy: No Drinking Permitted

Adults Only: No

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Five Stars

Great tour

Tina Lannes

Five Stars

Eric was very knowledgeable about the history of the area in addition to the paranormal stuff. Awesome tour. Very cool to be able to rent your own E...

Liz Klesczewski

Five Stars

Great and informative tour

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Tour Preview: Where You’ll Go

Rogers Building

The meeting house for the Order of Skull and Bones in the late 1800s, the Rogers Building is now haunted by the wife of Gordon Rogers. She stares longingly out the window into a world she doesn’t understand.

Angebilt Hotel

In the 1940s, a devastating hurricane hit the 1923 Angebilt Hotel. When the winds settled, the occupants of the 13th-floor ballroom were missing. Legends state that a portal opened and whisked them away to another world.

Orange County Regional History Center

Ted Bundy’s final days as a freedman were spent in this courthouse. Now, his exhibit is the longest-running and most haunted in the modern museum. The spirit of one of his victims causes havoc with the displays at night.

The Hauntings of Orlando

Centuries of war, greed, and corruption have turned Orlando into a spectral wonderland akin to the theme parks most come to the City of Light. Initially known as Fort Gatlin, the town was constructed during the Second Seminole Wa in 1838, which left a bloody stain across the city. When the railroads made their way through in 1881, they brought with them a sin and exuberance that still prevails today, even in the afterlife.


Next were the hotels and businesses surrounding the bustling town, which were filled with rum runners, politicians, and reclusive elites. Deadly disasters struck during the construction of these buildings, and after they were finished, things got worse. Strange and dangerous occupants began moving in, creating a high strangeness that remains today.


Orlando’s haunted history is woven with intricacies that are hard to decipher with an untrained eye. Trust Orlando Haunts to expose the hidden secrets of UFOs, ley lines, and serial killers on our nightly ghost tour through downtown Orlando, an experience you will never forget.


The Most Haunted Places in Orlando, FL


Across the theme park-laden landscape, Orlando’s most haunted places are plentiful and out in the open. The ruins of the Sunland Hospital have sparked rumors about ghost children and tortured tuberculosis patients still roaming its decreipt foundation. The 1880 Greenwood Cemetery is connected by the dozens of deceased enfants buried there from the hospital. They roam the cemetery at night along with the restless souls of Confederate soldiers.


At the Lakeside Hospital, the old Princeton Hospital, wheelchairs move on their own and are often followed by ghostly nuns and doctors still dotteirng on their terminal patients. Even more strange are the Oviedo Lights that have been seen in the Little Big Econ State Forest on Snow Hill road. Some say they are caused by the spirit of a boy killed in a car crash. Orlando Haunts invites you to stare deep into the haunting legends of Central Florida.

Reasons to Take the Orlando Ghost Tour

You Want to Explore The City and Get Away From The Resorts

You bought an all-inclusive resort that is now turning out to be all-consuming. Orlando has much more to offer, and a tour wi ... th Orlando Haunts is a great way to see the downtown area, all while learning fascinating information about the city’s nefariously devious past.

You Want to Take A Different Kind of Family Vacation

Are your kids into strange and unusual topics? Do they browse the internet for morbid and dark things with their friends? Enc ... ourage their odd fascinations on a historical and creepy ghost tour with Orlando Haunts. The ghost stories that hail from Orlando contain a combination of friendly and sinister spirits. Our tour is safe and family-friendly!

You Love Hearing the Drinking History of Different Cities

You’re a drinker, and Orlando is a drinker’s city. It has always been that way. Grab a round before heading to one of our ... tours to learn how it started. From rum runners to prohibition, Orlando has a long history of imbibing that often ends in despair and misery. These tales will make a great conversation starter next time you’re having a cold one!

You’re a UFO Fanatic

In love with all things otherworldly, including visitors from another world or another dimension? Orlando and Central Florida ... have some of the highest amounts of UFO reports in the nation! Even more than Area 51 and the Nevada desert. Unexplained activity often goes hand in hand with alien encounters, something that the residents of the Kress Building can attest to. Learn more with Orlando Haunts!

You’re Fascinated by Secret Societies

You want to know about the seedy underbelly of American society, the secrets hidden from us in plain sight. The Mickey Mouse ... Club isn’t the only club in Orlando, as the city has been home to numerous secret societies and mysterious clubs with dark secrets. Discover the atrocities that are too dismal to be contained on an exhilarating ghost tour with Orlando Haunts.

Our Tours

Orlando Haunts: Ghouls and Ghosts Tour

Explore the hidden history of Orlando’s black heart as you walk on streets covering the very bones on which it’s built.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: All tours meet: On the corner of Magnolia & Central across the street from the Public Library and in front of The History Center.

Tour TimeTour Times: Daily at 8PM

Tour LengthTour Length: Approximately 1 hour

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

Orlando Haunts Boos and Booze Haunted Pub Crawl

Enjoy some liquid courage while hearing ghostly tales of Orlando's most historic haunts and drinking hotspots.

Meeting LocationTour Meeting Location: All tours meeting at: Elixir 9, 9 W Washington St, Orlando, FL 32801.

Tour TimeTour Times:

Tour LengthTour Length: The tour lasts for one and a half hours

Tour WeatherGhost tours are held nightly, rain or shine!

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